Interview One

St. Paul, Minnesota

Q: Shady, are you there and interviewable?

A: Side 1: to cause to get high b: to move pleasurably ('rock music 'turns her on') turn on

Side 2: turnverein an athletic club

Q: Would you like to write a book with me, sort of a prolonged interview about a whole lot of things?

A: Side 1: panpipe a primitive wind instrument consisting of a series of short vertical pipes

Side 2: paprika a mild red condiment consisting of the dried, finely ground pods of various cultivated sweet peppers

Q: I take your responses as a 'yes.' You'd like to 'play the pipes in a spicy way.' First of all, what's your feeling about our relationship? It's been going on for about 14 years now.

A: Side 1: eighty, pl. eighties

Side 2: an 'elective' official b: of or relating to election c: based on the right or principle of election 2: permitting a choice Sympathetic

Q: Yes, it's been mostly throughout the 'eighties, and I guess you've 'elected' me or me you. What sort of things would you like me to talk to you about?

A: Side 1: fall 3: to bend or sway the upper part gently downward or forward: bob gently nod

Side 2: nip a small quantity of liquor

Q: I did have a nip earlier. Do you feel this is making me too sleepy to carry on a conversation with you?

A: Side 1: Foggy Bottom district in Washington D.C. on the Potomac River where the State Department building is located

Side 2: something attached by one edge: as a: a garment closing concealed by a fold of cloth extending over the fastener fly

Q: Shady, thanks. It's now later. I've had supper and feel more alert. Are you ready to continue? Do you wish to suggest a topic?

A: Side 1: tridimensionality

Side 2: Trinitarian 1: of or relating to the Trinity, the doctrine of the Trinity or adherents of that doctrine: having three parts 'Threefold'

Q: Okay, now what about tridimensionality? From what exact dimension are you communicating?

A: Side 1: to move (as the feet) by sliding along or back and forth without lifting b: to perform (as a dance) with a dragging, sliding step 1: to work into or out of trickily shuffle

Side 2: show, Manifest, Evidence, Evince, Demonstrate

Q: It sounds as if you're reluctant to discuss this, at least in terms of where you exist. Is there some other aspect of dimensionality you would like to talk about?

A: Side 1: an official or legal and often published copy (a court reporter's transcript) esp. an official copy of a student's educational record 3: a representation (as of experience) in an art form transcript

Side 2: upon the scent or trace of: TRACK b: to follow in the footsteps of: PURSUE c: to follow

along behind trail

Q: Shady, would you care to elucidate further? What transcript? Perhaps you are referring to this interview as a transcript trail. Would you comment on what topic you would wish to pursue?

A: Side 1: by the use of long words (a sesquipedalian orator) sesquipedalian

Side 2: conversation, fr. serere to link together -- more at SERIES]

1: a religious discourse delivered in public sermon

Q: A transcript of a sermon of some sort using long words? Or am I using long words like 'elucidate'?

A: Side 1: mating of like with like homogamous

Side 2: Home Rule self-government or limited autonomy in internal affairs by a dependent political unit

Q: Shady, what transcript of a sermon?

A: Side 1: chiefly Scot: to be in a state of disgusted irritation scunner

Side 2: to mark with lines suggesting seams To become fissured or ridgy seamer

Q: I gather I'm off the track because, as usual what that's the case, you're insulting me. Can you point me the right way or would you rather quit for now?

A: Side 1: retort bitterly recrimination

Side 2: redevelopment the act or process of redevelopment

Q: I interpret your reply as being that you are not in the mood and I should try later. Am I right?

A: Side 1: Judaist one that believes or practices Judaism.

Side 2: while jumping Jump Pass

{End of Interview One}

COMMENT: Upon rereading the session, I get the feeling that Shady wants to pursue a transcript upon 'trinitarian dimensionality' - or perhaps tridimensionality.

Interview Two

St. Paul, Minnesota

Q: Shady, I think I got off the trail regarding 'Transcript Trail.' Let's pick up from there. Perhaps you were referring to this interview as a transcript trail. Would you comment on what topic you would wish to pursue?

A: Side 1: washroom a room that is equipped with washing and toilet facilities

Side 2: independent of the surroundings 2: fervent or ardent in spirit

Q: I gather you wish me to be more independent of my surroundings (there have been a lot of distractions in the past hour or so). I would like to increase the fervor of our conversation.

{Also, taking your suggestion and retiring briefly to the bathroom}.

Shady, are you my body talking to me in some fashion, or do you exist outside of me in some other dimension?

A: Side 1: arise; arose; arisen; arising [more at ABIDE] 1: to get up; rise 2: to originate from a source

Side 2: with the principles of architecture: architectural having an organized or unified structure

Q: I'll stand up before asking a question and see how that works. Once again, are you speaking to me from inside my body or from another dimension or what?

A: Side 1: stranger: ESTRANGE, ALIENATE

Side 2: 1: a portable or fixed apparatus that burns fuel or uses electricity to provide heat (as for cooking or heating) stove

Q: Are you saying that your position is stranger than inside my body or some other dimension? Please clarify.

A: Side 1: (They want) their definitions to have the qualities that users have in mind when they call a dictionary they admire 'authoritative.'

Side 2: the special assignment of one, or sometimes several editors who decide which words will be included in a single paragraph.

Q: You seem to be saying that I am demanding too much from you, and that you are more than one entity. Am I correct?

A: Side 1: with the telescope sunspot

sunstroke: heatstroke caused by direct exposure to the sun

Side 2: superincumbent: [- more at INCUMBENT]: lying or resting and usu. exerting pressure on something else

Q: Shady, that's exciting! You imply that you are a group of entities, perhaps like sunspots?

A: Side 1: Masonic order) 2: a community under a religious rule, esp: one requiring members to take solemn vows order

Side 2: optimus best; akin to L. ops, power -- more at OPULENT] 1: a doctrine that this world is the best possible world optimist

Q: You are a spiritual community of entities best described as optimists residing on the surface of the sun?

A: Side 1: arrange in a graduated series (scale a test) b: (1): to measure by or as if by a scale (2): to measure or estimate the sound content of (as logs) c: to pattern, make, regulate, set or estimate according to some rate or standard scale

Side 2: excite alarms, esp. needlessly scaremonger

scare up to find or put together with considerable labor or difficulty; scrape up

Q: What particular advice do you have for me during the next few days?

{July 2,3,4 we are visiting my wife Judy's relatives in St. Paul.}

A: Side 1: protectress: a woman who is a protector

Side 2: the background for a dramatic performance proscenium

Q: Shady, you're advising that Judy will 'protect' me and I should 'stay in the background?'

A: Side 1: pangenesis: a hypothetical mechanism of heredity by which the cells throw off particles

that circulate freely throughout the system, multiply by subdivision and collect in the reproductive products or in buds so that the egg or bud contains particles from all parts of the parents

Side 2: palomino: [AmerSp, fr, Sp, like a dove]

Q: I interpret you to say that Judy and I should circulate 'peaceful particles' throughout the family (parental system) here. Thank you.

{Also I note that a mourning dove is cooing outside the window at the moment.}

Now just for fun, let's move on to this individual in London who calls himself 'Maitreya' and claims to be the Buddha, the World teacher, Jesus and the Messiah all rolled into one. Are his claims to be taken seriously?

A: Side 1: rear corner of home plate through the outer corners of first and third base respectively and prolonged to the boundary of the baseball field foul line

Side 2: noisy quarrel: BRAWL fracas

Q: I interpret your reply to mean that he is not who he says he is, and it's just going to lead to a noisy quarrel. Sounds like par for the course.

A: Side 1: characterized by premeditation

Side 2: pree [short for preve to prove, test, fr. ME preven, fr OF preuv-, stem of prover to prove]: Scot. to taste tentatively SAMPLE

Q: Shady, how would you characterize death?

A: Side 1: interrobang printers' slang for a punctuation mark designed for use especially at the end of an exclamatory rhetorical question !

Side 2: INTRADERMAL - intracutaneous

Q: Does the self survive after death, and if so, in what form?

A: Side 1: (the rain sheeted against the windows) sheeter sheet sheet home 1: to extend (a sail) and set as flat as possible by hauling upon the sheets 2: to fix the responsibility for: bring home to one

Side 2: sharpie 1: a long, narrow shallow-draft boat with flat or slightly V-shaped bottom and one or two masts that bear a triangular sail 2: SHARPER b: an exceptionally keen or alert person

Q: I interpret your reply to mean 'death brings us home, if we are exceptionally keen or alert.' But what if we're not exceptionally keen or alert, just an average sort of person who lived an average, messed-up sort of life?

A: Side 1: to make impure by the addition of a foreign or inferior substance adulterate

Side 2: or being a theory and technique of psychotherapy emphasizing the importance of feelings of inferiority, a will to power and overcompensation in neurotic processes Adlerian

Q: You seem to say that the average individual adulterates his/her essence through feelings of inferiority, a will to power and overcompensation in neurotic processes. What happens to these types of soul essences?

A: Side 1: playmaker a player who leads the offense for a team

Side 2: a structural member (as a timber) that provides bearing and anchorage, especially for the trusses of a roof or the rafters plate

Q: They become 'playmakers' and 'structural members'? I assume you mean they reincarnate again planetside for another 'play' or 'game?'

A: Side 1: to recognize familiar objects usually as a result of brain damage agnosia (ignorance)

Side 2: appearance or bearing of a person especially as expressive of some personal quality or emotion Demeanor air

Q: Your answer implies that they return with 'an air of ignorance,' a sort of 'starting over from scratch' rather than with the accumulated karma of their previous lives? Is that correct?

A: Side 1: which there is constant value (as of temperature, pressure or rainfall isogram

Side 2: generations alike in size and shape 2: related by an isomorphism isomorphic

Q: They return as similarly made essences, sort of neutral souls ready to start absorbing experiences again? But what is the best way to assure that we do not just melt into the general pool, but retain our experiences, our essence, our sense of self, and continue our spiritual evolution? Is the quality of our life the most important thing or, as the Tibetans believe, that during the process of death we must merge with the whitest and purest light source we see?

A: Side 1: resembling a Markov process or Markov chain especially by having probabilities defined in terms of transition from the possible existing states to other states Markovian

{The Markov Process is defined as a stochastic (random) process (a Brownian movement) that resembles a Markov chain except that the states are continuous. Markov Chain: a usually discrete stochastic process (as a random walk) in which the probabilities of occurrence of various future states depend only on the present state of the system or on the immediately preceding state and not on the path by which the present state was achieved.}

Side 2: illusion or deliberate hoax 2: a place, condition or situation of great disorder or confusion mare's nest

Q: Are you saying it's all chance, or at least 'discrete chance' in the sense that the after-death survival of the self depends only on the immediately preceding state of the self and not on the accumulated merits (or demerits) of his life experience? Wow! And then you add it's all illusion and a hoax?

A: Side 1: unequaled unparalleled

unequivocally clear, unambiguous

Side 2: underspin backspin (a backward rotary motion of a ball)

Q: So then I could say that the main purpose of life is 'a good death which assures the survival of the self.' But how would you define a good death which assures the survival of the self with the potential for further spiritual evolution?

A: Side 1: to make quiet CALM to diminish in strength 'subside' allay

Side 2: Permit to forbear or neglect to restrain or prevent (allow the dog to roam) allow

Q: To allow oneself to be calm as one faces death? To welcome a quiet death instead of a violent one? What can one do if one experiences a violent death to assure the continuation of the self in a positive sense of an evolving spiritual essence?

A: Side 1: 5: a: of, relating to, or constituting the regular army of a state regular

Side 2: refutable, refutably, refuter

reg (by shortening) regulation

Q: Could you elaborate on that answer, Shady?

A: Side 1: c: of or relating to the period in Greece about the seventh century B.C. when poetry written in such couplets flourished 2: of, relating to, or comprising elegy or an elegy, especially

expressing sorrow for something now past elegiac (elegy - a song or a poem expressing sorrow for one who is dead)

Side 2: electrodialysis dialysis accelerated by an electromotive force applied to electrodes adjacent to the membranes

Q: You are recommending basically the same technique as "The Tibetan Book of the Dead." Through songs, poems and laments, announce to the confused soul that he/she has died and that it is time to move on. Perhaps the elegizing of a dead person encourages the electrical separation or loosening of the soul sheath from the body. However the lamenting of the dead requires loved ones to lament you, so in an indirect sense it's important to be well-loved during your lifetime so that you will be lamented, your confused soul encouraged to complete its separation from the body and told he/she is dead and should go on. But is there particular advice for the one who is experiencing death?

A: Side 1: educate to rear, educate 1: to provide schooling for

Side 2: the minimum required to bring forth its service economic rent

economics a social science concerned chiefly with description and analysis of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services

Q: What particular type of education would you recommend?

A: Side 1: and included as a book in the New Testament see Bible

3: an act of revealing to view or making known b: something that is revealed revelation

Side 2: activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation revolution

Q: Thank you, Shady. This has been the most instructive session yet. Do you have any closing words of advice on this topic or in general?

A: Side 1: recall a hawk 2: a: an inducement to pleasure or gain Enticement b: 'appeal, attraction' lure

Side 2: lug 1: chiefly dialect EAR 2: something (as a handle) that projects like an ear a: a leather loop on a harness saddle through which the shaft passes Blockhead, Lout

Q: Hey, thanks a lot, Shady! Does that mean you wish to continue? Usually when you become insulting, you're ready to quit.

A: Side 1: interrobang !

Side 2: intracutaneous intradermal

Q: I guess I'm getting tired, and usually that's a good point to stop.

A: Side 1: extra additional

Side 2: expulse expel

Q: Yes?

A: Side 1: width

vodka a colorless liquid of neutral spirits

Side 2: vitals 1: vital organs (as the heart, liver, lungs, and brain) 2: essential parts

Q: Yes, vodka affects all these parts. Are you warning me off the stuff?

A: Side 1: one or more large sharp barbed dorsal spines near the base of the whiplike tail capable of

inflicting severe wounds stingray

Side 2: drama stichomythic [speaking dialogue in alternate lines - dialogue especially of altercation or dispute delivered by two actors in alternating lines]

Q: I guess that sort of describes our conversation. Anything else?

A: Side 1: marked by a smooth or lustrous whiteness waxy

Side 2: waterscape a water or sea view 'Seascape'

{End of Interview Two}

Oracles and Divination 1

Through the ages, humankind has resorted to almost every method imaginable to attempt to foretell the future or plumb the hidden depths of the present. The 'Mantic Arts,' (from the Greek wordmantikos meaning 'prophetic') number in the hundreds, and the assumption that underlies all mantic practices is that coincidence is meaningful. Carl Jung named this phenomenon 'synchronicity' and defined it as 'an acausal connecting principle,'[1] or taking 'the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance, namely, a peculiar interdependence of objective events among themselves as well as with the subjective (psychic) states of the observer or observers.'[2] He pointed to how not only the primitive, but also the classical and medieval mind assumed that all of reality contained what the Chinese scholar Richard Wilhelm described, a latent 'rationality.' Jung also cites Hippocrates' 'sympathy of all things,' Philo's 'fellowship of created things,' Kepler's 'divine instinct' which permeates all of life, Leibniz's 'pre-established harmony.' Thus, as Jung points out, 'synchronicity postulates a meaning which is a priori in relation to human consciousness and apparently exists outside man.'[3]

Hardly had the laughter which greeted Jung's pronouncement died down than quantum physics came along with Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, followed by Bell's Theorem which implied that quantum particles remained 'in intimate and immediate communication' even when separated in space.[4] Further refinement of Bell's Theorem held profound implications not only for understanding the 'irrational' behavior of subatomic particles, but also for our view of the macroscopic everyday world we perceive through our senses. Information seems to have a way of bypassing the speed of light. Or better yet, everything is supremely interconnected. The pillar which has supported modern science, that each particular event is circumscribed and isolated by time and space, has crumbled. Since all of the universe remains interrelated ever since the first nanosecond of the Big Bang, then everything happening anywhere influences everything else, and not only in the microscopic realms. With its faster-than-light tachyons and multiple dimensions, physics today moves ever closer to an explanation for psychic phenomena such as telepathy, and the musings of today's leading edge scientists sound more and more like those of the Taoist sages of yore.

Further experiments with Bell's Theorem led to two possibile conclusions: either we live in a superdeterministic universe with nothing that can be called free will, or a multidimensional universe in which 'branching' occurs whenever a choice is made. Beyond that lies the inescapable conclusion that thought and matter are inextricably united, or as expressed by physicist David Bohm, "All

matter, including ourselves, is determined by 'information.' 'Information ' is what determines times and space."[5]

If physics has come full circle to a Buddhist view of consciousness, then perhaps the Mantic Arts must regain their respected place in the affairs of humankind. A State Oracle in Washington? We were already halfway there with Nancy Reagan's astrologer. And if astrology be deemed respectable, what about such odd techniques as 'ceromancy,' predicting the future by dropping melted wax into water? Or 'coscinomancy,' assigning guilt by turning a sieve on a pair of shears? Imagine the savings in time and expense when compared with current courtroom procedures! The Supreme Court could practice the more dignified 'axinomancy,' balancing an ax and waiting to see if it moves when a word or a name is uttered. Certainly for judges of the lower courts, frequently susceptible to bribery, an official 'haruspex' could consult the entrails of a mouse.

My conversations with Shady seem to fall under 'stichomancy,' the random selection of passages from books. 'Bibliomancy' defines a similar technique using the bible, while the Romans preferred 'sortes biblicae' or, depending on the author consulted, 'sortes Homericae,' or 'sortes Vergilianae.' To put Shady into historical perspective, I will describe the most interesting of these methods. Here's a partial list with definitions:

aeromancy Divination by casting sand, earth or seeds in the air and studying the pattern when they fall to earth. Also divination by the shapes of clouds or wind direction.

alectromancy The recording of atmospheric phenomena which are then correlated with specific happenings when they reoccur; e.g. the death of a king is preceded by a comet; certain patterns of thunder and lightning precede certain events.

alectryomancy The alphabet is traced on the ground and a grain of corn laid on each letter. A rooster or hen is permitted to pick up the grains, and the 'selected' letters are formed into words. Sacred chickens travelled with the Roman Legions, and if they gobbled their grain greedily so that it dribbled from their beaks, then the battle was begun. If the chickens were 'peckish,' it was postponed.

aleuromancy Divination by meal or flour. Sometimes it is thrown into a fire, or written messages are baked into cookies or cakes. The Chinese fortune cookie method of prognostication.

alphitomancy A loaf of barley bread is divided among the suspects and each must say "If I am deceiving you, may this piece of bread choke me." The guilty person requires, at the very least, the Heimlich maneuver.

amniomancy Analysis of the caul, the membrane surrounding the fetus, at birth If it is red, a happy life for the baby; if lead-colored, misfortune awaits. Perhaps the color could be an indication of oxygen-starvation?

anthracomancy Observation of burning coal.

anthropomancy Inspection of the entrails of a sacrificed human being.

anthroposomancy Character-reading by means of human facial features.

apantomancy Predicting one's future from an animal crossing one's path; e.g. a black cat brings bad luck, a bluebird happiness. In Rome, the chance appearance of animals were called 'enodia.'

arithmomancy Also arithmancy, or numerology. Divination by numbers. Originally a Chaldean method which assigned numerical values to letters to foretell one's future.

armomancy Inspecting the shoulders of a potential medium to ascertain their ability.

aspidomancy Divination by staring into a polished metal shield.

astragalomancy Or astragyromancy. The casting of dice, dominoes, coins, knucklebones to forecast the future. Barroom dice to 'foretell' who will pay the tab.

astromancy Forecasting by the stars.

augury Foretelling by a soothsayer of events by the study of the appearance of birds, animals, etc. In

Rome the signs were subdivided into 'oblativa,' casual sightings, and 'impetrativa,' 'those one watches for.' A specific area of the sky or land, the 'templum,' was defined and watched.

austromancy Forecasting events by observations of the wind.

axinomancy Divination by means of an ax. The ax is balanced on the wrist or a bar, and the names of the suspects called out. Or it is heated and studied.

belomancy Marked arrows are drawn out at random from a bag or quiver. The marks or words on the arrow signified what is to happen. A arrow is shot into the air and the direction in which the arrow falls points the course to be taken. In Tibet, two arrows are plunged into a heap of barley and their movements studied.

bibliomancy Selection of passages of scripture from the bible at random to predict future events.

capnomancy Also kapnomancy. Divination by the ascent or motion of smoke from the burnt offering. If smoke ascends to the clouds, conditions are favorable; if the smoke does not rise, plans should be changed. The inhalation of smoke from a sacrificial fire insures good fortune.

catoptromancy A mirror is suspended over a holy well; the reflections reveal the answers.

causimonancy Throw a combustible object into a fire; if it does not burn, a happy future or a positive answer is assured.

ceromancy Also cereomancy. Prediction from forms produced by dropping melted wax into cold water.

chaomancy Divination by means of aerial visions

chiromancy Also cheiromancy. Palmistry

cledonomancy Using chance remarks in conversation for prediction purposes, or predicting what remarks will be said.

cleromancy Also called 'sortileges.' Tossing dice or beans for divination. Black and white beans, stones or little bones are used as lots.

clidomancy Also kleidomancy and kelidomancy. Divination by means of a key hanging on a string. In one usage, the crime is written on a key tied to a bible and hung from a virgin's finger. The key's movements determines the person's guilt.

The amazing variety of these techniques demonstrates the imaginative resourcefulness of humankind, as well as its desperate need for certainty. Perhaps a wrong answer is easier to live with than no answer at all. Certainly a universe which provides an information service appears more friendly than one in which no one picks up the phone.

[1] Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, by C. G. Jung, translated by R. F. C. Hull, Bollinger Series, Princeton University Press, 1973

[2] From Jung's Foreword to the I Ching, The Richard Wilhelm Translation rendered into English by Cary F. Baynes, Bollingen Series XIX, Princeton University Press, 1950

[3] Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, pps 85 ff.

[4] The Dancing Wu Li Masters, by Gary Zukav, William Morrow and Co., 1979 p 298

[5] ibid p. 327

Interview Three

Charles Town, West Virginia

Q:Shady, is there anything you would like to discuss this session?

A: Side 1: celesta [F. celesta, alter. of celeste, lit., heavenly, fr. L. caelestis]: a keyboard instrument consisting principally of a set of graduated steel plates struck with hammers

Side 2: a mounted soldier: KNIGHT 2: a person having the manner or bearing of a courtier cavalier

Q: Okay, you wish to discuss "celestial knights," or "heavenly cavaliers." I love it! How would you define one of these?

A: Side 1: group NO2 united through nitrogen NITROGLYCERIN

Side 2: noesis (in Greek philosophy, the exercise of reason)

Q: I interpret your answer as 'A dynamite but intelligent person.' What must one do to qualify as a 'celestial knight' or 'heavenly cavalier?'

A: Side 1: 2: a gold coin, formerly a monetary unit of Portugal (a thousand reis) milreis

Side 2: copy on a very small scale miniaturization

Q: A 'thousand reis' could be 'a thousand rays,' but the 'miniaturization' I don't get -- oh! How about "produce an exact miniature working copy of the being with a thousand rays?"

A: Side 1: with a ligature; tie up (a bleeding artery or the like) tied, bound up ligate

Side 2: b: a reversal or disappointment; setback 2: the act of a person or thing that licks lick

Q: I interpret your answer as: a 'heavenly knight' is a person who 'ties up' reversals or disappointments -- which might also be a definition of a Bodhisattva, the Buddha who reincarnates our of compassion for the suffering of others. Am I correct? Please continue.

A: Side 1: watchful; alert; vigilant wakefully wakefulness

Side 2: waistcloth a loincloth

Q: A wakeful, intelligent, dynamite sort of person who keeps an eye on her/his loincloth?

A: Side 1: privy purse Brit. a sum from the public revenues allotted to the sovereign for personal expenses

Side 2: Prince Royal the eldest son of a king or queen

Q: I think I get your drift: that such a person would be 'a prince/princess among men.' How does one apply to become or be trained as a 'heavenly knight?'

A: Side 1: out of the place of interment; exhume, unearth 2: to bring from obscurity into view disinterment

Side 2: to weigh out 'allot' dispense also PARDON, EXEMPT

Q: You're saying,'Let your light shine forth, and be a forgiving person.' I guess it's pretty easy to know the answers. Much harder to live up to them. Right?

A: Side 1: dramatic or similar performance consisting chiefly of a series of discontinuous events 3: any special event or gathering in which the audience is to perform a spontaneous, creative part happening

Side 2: hard rubber: rubber vulcanized with a large amount of sulphur, to render it inflexible

Q:A giving, spontaneous person but with a certain hardness of purpose?

A: Side 1: isoaglutination med. the clumping of the red blood cells by the transfusion of the blood or serum of another individual isoaglutinative

Side 2: people 3: a name given to Jacob after he had wrestled with an angel 4: (formerly) the northern kingdom of the Hebrews, including the ten tribes 5: a group considered as God's chosen people Israel

Q: You seem to be saying that the 'celestial cavaliers' should clump together to form a group which will be considered God's chosen people. But this 'chosen people' thing has caused a whole lot of trouble historically. Isn't it better just to try to be the 'leaven in the loaf' and live a Bodhisattva-like life to the best of one's ability?

A: Side 1: which the three queens bore him to the Isle of Avalon Bedivere

{the knight who brought the dying King Arthur to the barge}

Side 2: Beaufort, British admiral who devised the Beaufort Wind Scale

{which names differing forces of the wind on a scale of 0 to 12}

Q: Are you saying 'measure the wind' before 'bearing the king to the boat which will carry him to Avalon?' Whew! Sounds mighty esoteric. Would you comment further? Are you thinking of anyone in particular as 'King Arthur?'

A:Side 1: 'flutter' and 'hurry' 2: pother, stir, to-do fuss flurry

Side 2: generally presumed to be from outer space flying saucer

Q: Are you saying we should expect some sort of appearance of a 'flying saucer' space vehicle shortly with 'King Arthur' on board?

A: Side 1: produced by diffraction or interference 5: to furnish with or as with a fringe 6: to serve as a fringe for ('Guards fringed the building to protect it from the rioters') fringeless fringelike

Side 2: an action 2: the frequentative aspect 3: a verb in the frequentative aspect, as 'wrestle' from 'wrest' (from the Latin denoting repetition of an act) frequentative

Q: "Frequently on the fringe?" I think we -- or at least I -- am getting off the beam, Shady. Want to clarify further?

A: Side 1: pinrail Naut. a strong rail at the side of the deck of a vessel for holding the pins to which some of the running rigging is belayed

Side 2: pious having or showing a dutiful spirit of reverence for God or an earnest wish to fulfill religious obligations

Q: "Use the pin(rail) piously?" I'm trying, Shady, I'm trying. Now what about the UFO sightings. Are we dealing with actual spacecraft? Are they friendly beings? Or is it a mixed bag?

A: Side 1: boxlike litter carried by several men. palanquin

Side 2: PaG Pennsylvania German

Q: We are going to be visiting a family in Pennsylvania on July 28th. Are you thinking particularly of that date for some reason?

A: Side 1: some of the energy of the plate circuit of a vacuum tube to the grid circuits either to

oppose the input (inverse feedback) or to aid the input (regenerative feedback) feedback

Side 2: a feasible plan) 2: capable of being used or dealt with successfully: suitable: 'a road feasible for travel 3: REASONABLE, LIKELY feasible

Q: Oh lord, that's all I need! To spend our one night in Pennsylvania scanning the heavens for 'celestial cavaliers.' Are you in contact with UFO extraterrestrials, Shady? Where are they coming from and for what reason?

A: Side 1: kleig light see klieg light

{klieg light: a powerful floodlight with an arc-light source, used esp. in motion-picture studios}

Side 2: kino (in Europe) a motion-picture theater; cinema

Q: The UFO extraterrestrials are coming here to see movies? Don't they have any of their own?

A:Side 1: charge (LL 'carricare,' to load a wagon chargeable

Side 2: 'chanteur' see 'chanter' chanteuse

[chanter: a person who chants; singer]

Q:They charge themselves up on musicals? Who are their favorite singers?

A: Side 1: electrolytic cell 9: eccles. a monastery or nunnery that is part of a larger religious house cell

Side 2: cent (L. comb. form of 'centum')

Q: The song of the electrolytic cells? I'm not sure that makes much 'cents.' Could you clarify?

A: Side 1: chap 1: (of cold or exposure) to crack, roughen, and redden the skin 2: to become chapped 3: a fissure or crack in the skin

Side 2: 3: any rather stately carriage 4: informal. an automobile 5: to convey in a chariot chariot

Q: So basically, these UFO chariots get 'cracked' or 'rough' and come here for a 'singing load' of electrolytic cells. Are the charioteers friendly to us?

A: Side 1: easy chair 1: an upholstered armchair for lounging

Side 2: eclipse

{a map of the sun, moon and earth in eclipse positions}

Q:Are the UFO folk going to go public at some point?

A: Side 1: a woman who has borne but one child or who is parturient for the first time (primus, 'first' + para) primapara

Side 2: prickly branches also called angelica tree

Q: I didn't get much from your last response, Shady. Could I repeat the question?

A: Side 1: vinelike plants especially certain species of the genus 'Convolvulus'

Side 2: imitating that of a bird 3: a device for making such a sound bird call

Q: Summing up: Shady, if I understand you correctly, we should expect some sort of important UFO event involving a Pennsylvania German family. I gather the extraterrestrials are pretty easy-going, but come here to charge up either themselves or their spaceships. Is there anything in particular you feel I should do or be doing in regard to all this?

A: Side 1: condemned by Joshua to serve as manual laborers for the Israelites Gibeonite

Side 2: ghyll variant of 'gill' (ravine or brook)

Q: You want me to do some manual labor in a ravine or brook for the Heavenly Knights? Please clarify.

A: Side 1: refrigerate 1: to cool or chill a substance 2: to preserve food by chilling

Side 2: smoke 1: a strong or offensive odor; stench 2: vapor; steam reek

Q: I still don't get it, Shady. Once more, please: is there something specific you are trying to say or just a general comment?

A: Side 1: burley a light-colored tobacco grown chiefly in Kentucky

Side 2: Vulgar Latin 'burgensis' (unattested), from Late Latin 'burgus,' fortified place, from Germanic see berg

Q:I still don't get it. Shady, you want to stop the interview?

A: Side 1: conveyed by immensity, hugeness or enormousness enormity

Side 2: enthalpy: a thermodynamic function of a system equivalent to the internal energy plus the product of the pressure and volume

Q: You seem to be 'warming up' again, Shady. Please continue and maybe I'll get the drift.

A: Side 1: crystalline form (see 'twin') 3: a spot or discoloration in a mineral see 'macula'

{macula: a spot, stain, blemish 2: a sunspot}

Side 2: Peru and flowing 700 miles to the Beni River in Bolivia Madre de Dios

Q: You want to say something about the Virgin Mary apparitions in Yugoslavia and their relation to sunspots, which could mean Mary's relationship to your 'religious group of optimists?' I was thinking of asking you about her the other day, So what about the entity materializing before the young people in Medugorje?

A: Side 1: the sound of one that howls 2: slang Something uproariously funny or absurd howl

Side 2: saying words 1: the noise produced by humming; a murmur; drone hum

Q: So then who exactly IS the entity materializing in Medugorje to the young people? And what is she trying to do?

A: Side 1: used both in the physical sense of being tightly drawn or stretched and in the related sense of nervous tension stiff

Side 2: 10: to detain or delay 11: to prop (a vine or other plant) with sticks or brush on which to grow stick

Q: She certainly is a 'stiff stick' in that she wants everyone to fast and pray and return to Catholicism in order to avert the catastrophes she is predicting. Is it all a delaying tactic, and if so, why?

A: Side 1: ...the Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity, is of a wonderful structure, more perfect than Greek, more copious than Latin

{I sometimes chant the Gayatri, a Sanskrit prayer, while opening the dictionary to consult Shady.}

Side 2: and from Latin and Greek

Q: I appreciate your reminding me to chant in Sanskrit, Shady. Is there anything else you are particularly eager to say?

A:Side 1: alight 1: to come down or settle, as after flight

Side 2: allemande 1: a stately 16th Century dance (also the feminine of 'allemand,' French for


Q: So we are back onto this UFO landing in Pennsylvania Dutch country? Do you want to suggest the date of this landing?

A: Side 1: 2: to behavior performing a way that others try to emulate set the pace

Side 2: [from 'Oxide'] oxidizable

oxidizer: any substance that oxidizes

Q: You want ME to suggest a landing date??? How about Saturday, July 28th, in the back yard of the Pleil family in Washington, Pennsylvania? You've been hinting around about a German family in that neck of the woods. How's that?

A: Side 1: along the western course of the Yellow (Huang) River and bounded on the north by Inner Mongolia Ningsia Hui Autonomous Region

Side 2: complain trivially; carp niggle

Q: I assume you are referring to the western side of some sort of creek in Washington, and not to my having to travel to China.

A: Side 1: characteristic of a capsule capsular

Side 2: paper

carbon process : a photographic printing process using permanent pigments such as carbon contained in a sensitized tissue or film of gelatin

Q:You want me to take photos? I'll have a camera. Do I get a ride?

A: Side 1: 5: a person who has been accepted for membership in a fraternity or similar organization pledge

Side 2: sportive or playful way 6: to act or behave in a specified way. Usually followed by an adjective play fair

Q:You promise to play fair?

A: Side 1: of only one carpel (Botanical) monocarpellary

[carpel: the central, ovule-bearing, female organ of a flower forming one or more sections of the pistil]

Side 2: monaxial see 'uniaxial' having only one axis

Q: That all sounds sort of intimate. I'm not sure that Judy, my wife, will approve.

A: Side 1: An independent instrumental composition having the character of such a movement intermezzo (a short movement separating the major sections of a symphonic work)

Side 2: intercalary 1: added to the calendar to make the calendar year correspond to the solar year

Q:Okay,it's a date, as long as you promise to play fair.

A: Side 1: intolerably

Side 2: Usage: the newer sense of 'internecine' that relates to internal struggle does not necessarily imply fatal or mutually destructive conflict internecine

Q:Come again on that one, Shady?

A: Side 1: a bolt having a looped head designed to receive a hook or rope eyebolt

Side 2: facade 1: arch. a face of a building, especially such a face that is given distinguishing treat


Q:Are we through for now? I'm getting pretty tired.

A: Side 1: compliance yielding to wish

Side 2: compassable

{End of Interview Three}

Insert One

San Francisco

The previous conversation's thread which predicted a UFO landing at our friends in Pennsylvania never occurred. So this insert will inquire where or how my interpretation got off the track.

Q: Shady, back last summer you discussed flying saucers. Summing up your answers, you said, "frequently fringelike palanquin," and in regard to our Pennsylvania visit, "feedback feasible." My interpretation was that we could expect some sort of sighting at our friends' house. This never occurred. Do you wish to discuss how we got off the track?

A: Side 1: evolve {top of page} evolved

Side 2: exhale {top of page}

Slip 2 Side 1: instrument like the marimba, but with electrically operated valves

Side 2: verily [Archaic] very truth; truly

Slip 3 Side 1: proficiency b: proficiency so acquired 3: the actual doing of something 4a: the exercise of a profession

Side 2: an introduction, etc. esp. one to a constitution, statute, etc. stating its purpose


Slip 4 Side 1: candelabrum a large branched

Side 2: stillness; tranquillity still; quiet; tranquil become calm calm

Q: It seems like you're saying, "Take it easy, truly these sort of things have to be prearranged." I suppose the "feedback feasible" answer could have referred to the outcome of the meeting with our friends. I did interview a number of people there for a possible writing project. So I jumped the gun. Still, let's go back to the topic of interplanetary visitors. Are beings from other planets actually visiting earth? And if not, what are these UFO sightings all about?

A: Side 1: beehive 1: a hive for bees 2: a place of great activity

beekeeper one who keeps bees for producing honey beekeeping

Side 2: -getting [OE. begitan, acquire] 1: to become the father of

beggar 1: one who begs 2: a pauper 1: to impoverish

Slip 2 Side 1: 1: church government by clergy in guided ranks 2: the highest officials in such a system 3: a group of person or things arranged in hierarchy

Side 2: thing supposed to bring bad luck to cause to have bad luck hex

hexa- [Gr. hex, six]

Q: You are saying that the UFO folks are the official beekeepers of our particular beehive. They are

our 'parents.' What's the "honey" they are collecting?

A: Side 1: afoul in a collision or tangle run (or fall) afoul of to get into trouble with

Side 2: ague [ML. {febris) acuta, violent (fever)] a fever, usually malarial, marked by chills

Q: You would "get into trouble" if you answered? I doubt it. May I ask again? What is the purpose of their visits?

A: Side 1: loss of the sense of pain, touch, etc.


Side 2: Anglo English or Anglican

Q: To anesthetize the Anglos? I've often wondered if the white race wasn't the remnants of the Martian population who escaped after destroying their own planet. Is this insight correct?

A: Side 1: postponement


Side 2: postage the amount charged for mailing a letter, etc.

Slip 2 Side 1: uniformity {top of page}

Side 2: unsettle{top of page}


Q: Let me ask again: if the extraterrestrials are our "beekeeper parents" and we are the bees, what's the honey they are collecting?

A: Side 1: stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments ark

arm limb

Side 2: Arthur king of Britain Arthurian

Q: "Arthurian ark" brings us back to an obscure comment you made in the original flying saucer conversation about Bedivere and "bearing the king to the boat which will carry him to Avalon." I'll repeat my earlier question: to whom are you referring as King Arthur?

A: Side 1: copulate [L. co-, together + apere, to join] to have sexual intercourse copulation

Side 2: to drive into or confine in a corral 2: to surround or capture corral


Q: Thanks for the tip, Shady. But may I stay on topic? Asking again: what's another name for the honey being collected?

A: Side 1: rev (rev) revved, revving [Colloq.] to increase the speed of (an engine) usually with up

Rev. pl.Revs. Reverend

Side 2: straining or being restrained 2. a means of restraining 3. confinement 4. control of emotions, impulse, etc. reserve reticent

Q: Your answer could be "reticent reverence," since I can't imagine they are revving up reticent ministers. I think we'll quit here for now. Okay?

A: labyrinth

Side 2: [ult. L. corona, crown] the monetary unity and a coin krona

Slip 2 Side 1: formal contract] 1: a formal dance 2: a woman's evening dress

Side 2: to commit perjury forswear


Q: Over and out

{End of Insert One}

Oracles and Divination 2

Continuing my previous listing of types of divination:

coscinomancy Also cosinomancy and coskiomancy. Divination by turning a sieve. The sieve is held between shears or tongs supported by the thumbnails of two persons. The question "Who is guilty?" is asked. The sieve's handle turns and points to the guilty person. Also known as "Spinning the Sas."

crithomancy Or critomancy. Divination by means of dough or meal strewn over sacrificial victims. To predict the future for by the unusual behavior of grains, dough, or cakes.

dactylomancy (Ancient Greece) A pendulum is hung from a tripod placed in a large basin with the alphabet written around the edge. Fingertips are placed on the tripod the pendulum moves by itself to spell out answers. The Oiuja board is another version.

daphnomancy If a laurel branch crackles while it burns, good fortune.

empyromancy Also see 'libanomancy' (Pythagoras) Divination using smoke from burning laurel leaves.

enoptromancy A mirror is lowered into water with only the base touching, and upon gazing into the mirror, death or recovery of a sick person is foretold.

extispicy Also extispiciomancy or epatoscomancy or haruspex [L. exta, the nobler entrails, + specere, to view] the inspection of animal entrails to divine the future

felidomancy Divination by means of cats. Perhaps animals' ability to sense impending earthquakes led to the belief that they could foretell the future.

gastromancy Scrying into a 'gastra,' a belly-shaped vessel filled with water. I first thought this meant divination by stomach gurgles.

geloscomancy Interpreting another person's laughter to divine their character or as having prophetic meaning for one's self. Sinister verus scornful versus delighted?

geomancy Divination by figures or lines formed by a handful of earth, seeds or dust cast on the ground, or by dots or points drawn at random. Also a method for selecting a site for a temple, palace, etc. A figure made out of earth from the site is thrown on the ground. The way it breaks determines if the site is favorable.

gyromancy divination performed by turning inside a circle marked with letters;. When the person turning becomes dizzy and stumbles, the letters they land on contain the message. Blind Man's Buff?

halomancy Salt is poured out and the shape it forms constitutes the answer.

haruspicy divination by a haruspex, an inspector of entrails: any of the lesser priests and soothsayers in ancient Rome who inspected the entrails of animals sacrificed, and foretold future events or the desire of the god. Hepatoscopy, or liver-reading, was also known as the 'Etruscan Art.'

hippomancy Horses' movements and the stamping of their hooves considered as omens. A Celtic version utilized white horses kept in consecrated groves. In Germany, temple horses were released from their stable. If their left forefoot crossed the threshold first, it was an evil omen and war was


hydromancy Also cylicomancy. Divination by observation of water. 1: scrying in a bowl of water 2: examining rain water 3: studying the color and roughness of the sea. 4: spreading a thin film of oil over the surface of a bowl of water.

ichthyomancy Divination by the heads and entrails of fishes, or by their movements.

kephalonomancy This one takes some preparation! Hot coals are placed on the baked head of an ass or a goat and the names of the suspects pronounced. If a crackling sound coincides with the utterance of a name, that person is guilty.

lecanomancy Divination by pouring oil in water, or dropping pebbles in a bowl of water and watching the ripples.

libanomancy Also empyromancy. Throwing incense on the fire and reading the flames.

lithomancy Divination by scattering gems. The stone that reflects the most light is the answer to the question.

margaritomancy I first thought this one referred to margaritas -- pulling petals from daisies in the classic "She loves me, she loves me not" ritual. However the real definition is hard to believe: a pearl is placed near a fire under a vase, the names of the suspected persons are read, and the pearl bounds upward and pierces the bottom of the vase when the guilty person's name is spoken. Perhaps pearls react to intense heat?

meteoromancy Divination by observing meteors and shooting stars.

metopomancy By means of forehead wrinkles.

moleomancy By means of moles.

molybdomancy Divination by observing the hisses made by melted lead dropped into water.

myomancy Foretelling of future events by the movements of mice or rats. Hearing rats cry means that evil will come. Frankly, just hearing rats will do, in my opinion.

oenomancy Also oinomancy. (Greek) Divination from analyzing the color, sound, etc. of wine when poured out in libations.

omphalomancy Divination by means of the number of knots in the umbilical cord of a child, supposed to show how many more children its mother will bear.

onimancy Olive oil is placed in the palm of the hand, along with a coin. The direction the coin turns is significant. It was believed that the angel Uriel performed the turning.

onomancy Determining the future according to the stubbornness or willingness of a donkey's movements.

onychomancy Analyzing the sun's reflection on the fingernails of young boys to reveal their future.

oömancy Divination by analyzing egg whites dropped in hot water.

oöscopy Breaking an egg over a fire.

ophiomancy Or 'ophimancy.' The art of predicting events by the actions of snakes or the number of their coils.

ornithomancy Also oionoscopy. (Greece, Rome) Divination by means of birds, their flight, cries, etc.

pegomancy By water fountains.

phyllorhodomancy Noting the quality of the sound when clapping rose leaves between one's hands. As children, we used to do it on our foreheads.

plastromancy A turtle shell is heated until cracks appear.

rhabdomancy Divination by a rod or wand; specifically the art of finding things concealed in the earth, as ores, metals, springs of water, and the like. Dowsing.

rhapsodomancy By opening the works of a poet at random and reading the first verse that presents itself. A type of stichomancy.

scapulomancy Also scapulimancy or omoplatoscopy. Heat a sheep'shoulder blades over coals until

cracks appear.

scatomancy Divination by observation of one's feces.

sciomancy Divination by means of one's shadow, its size, shape and position.

sideromancy Burning straws, etc. upon red-hot iron and observing their figures, bendings, sparking and burning.

sortilege Also cleromancy. Divination by drawing lots.

spatulamancy Divination by observing a spoon or spatula?

stichomancy Divination by lines or passages of books taken at random.

stolisomancy Noticing the way in which one dresses. Special significance is assigned to mistakes such as putting the right shoe on the left foot.

sycomancy Write the question on a fig leaf. A negative response if it dries quickly.

tasseomancy Divination by tea leaves.

tephramancy The written question is burned and the ashes studied, or the ashes of burned trees or from the fire that consumed the sacrificial victim.

tiromancy Forecasting events by means of the holes in Swiss Cheese.

transatuaumancy Divination by accidentally overheard remarks.

uromancy By urine.

urimancy By a priest's breast plate.

xylomancy Using small pieces of wood discovered along one's path to predict the future. Divination by the position which logs assume as they burn.

zoomancy Also theriomancy. Divination from the observation of the behavior of animals under certain conditions. Sprinkle an ox's head with water and watch his behavior.

Q: So Shady, do you care to comment on any of these techniques, or on divination in general?

A: Slip 1 Side 1: bad between it and the hole stymiedto block; impede

Side 2: subject him to questioning] subjection


Slip 2 Side 1: slow or retarded backwardness

backwash 1: water or air moved backward by a ship, propeller, etc.

Side 2: in which a feathered cork is batted back and forth with rackets across a net

Baedeker 1: any of a series of guidebooks to foreign countries

Q: You seem to be saying, it's got you stymied because it's a very "subjective and backward batting back-and-forth sort of guidebook." However we are learning that there are places where subjective and objective unite in this universe of ours.

Interview Four

Kingston, New York

Q: Shady, can we continue our conversation? Is this dictionary okay?

{We are in a new house with other relatives.}

A: Side 1: limbs of flying squirrels, flying lizards, etc.


Side 2: progress at a former time past

Q:I take your response as a 'yes.' What would you like to discuss today?

A: Side 1: gill bladder and an air bladder joined to the skull by ossicles plectospondylous {an order of fish}

Side 2: to frisk; to flutter; as 'sunlight playson the waves, a smile played on his lips.' play

Q:So you want to discuss 'play.' What aspect?

A: Side 1: amount; a 'wealth' of ideas wealth

Side 2: unite (pieces of metal) by heating until fused or soft enough to hammer together 2: to unite closely weld

Q: Welding together a wealth of ideas? Some sort of intellectual Unified Field Theory?

A:Side 1: anything very unusual phenomenon

Side 2: impressions are made on the roller photo-offset

Q: Do you want to record some sort of phenomenon? Would you describe it more?

A: Side 1: aesthetic principles of ancient Greece classicism

Side 2: using the feet and often the hands 2: to move (down, over, along, etc.) using the hands and feet climb

Q:I still don't understand. Please explain more.

A: Side 1: to engage lightly in love affairs, said of a man philanderer

Side 2: on the chlorophyll in green plant cells photosynthesize

Q: I interpret what you're saying as you want me to move out into the sunlight.

{Continuing out of doors}

A: Side 1: formless shapeless, amorphous

Side 2: fox 1: a small wild animal of the dog family considered sly and crafty

Q:So let's try again. What would you like to discuss?

A: Side 1: corresponding side of something right

Side 2: competitor acting as a rival rival

Q:So who's the 'rival?'

A: Side 1: waste 4: forlorn desolate

Side 2: a mechanical contrivance 2: an ornamental design device

Q: What can I do to improve our connection? I'm not understanding much of what you're saying.

A: Side 1: Mary Magdalene, often represented as weeping foolishly, often tearfully sentimental maudlin

Side 2: archaic except in 'meat and drink' meat

Q: Is there something you don't approve of? What do you think of the idea of putting together a book of our conversations as well as the answers you have given others?

A: Side 1: new information; information previously unknown news

Side 2: patience or equanimity nerve-wracking

Q:Is that nerve-wracking news, Shady? I thought you liked the idea!

{End of Interview Four}

Interview Five

San Francisco

{Because I am now using the cut-up dictionary, the replies may on occasion not consist of a complete word + definition}

Q: Shady, I was discouraged by your seemingly negative response to publishing these interviews. Eight months have passed since our last conversation. I'm at home with our usual communications device, the cut-up dictionary rather than on the road with other people's bound ones. So let's try again. How do you feel about publishing these interviews?

A: Side 1: matter 1: of matter; physical [a material object] 2: of the body, bodily needs, comfort, etc. spiritual 3: important, essential 1: what a thing is material

Side 2: beneath the moon's surface


Q: I interpret your reply as a somewhat hesitant 'yes.' But I do think that a lot of what you said earlier about life and death is important, and would like to continue now with our conversations. Okay?

A: Side 1: fountain pen: a pen which is fed from its own reservoir

Side 2: not under the control or power of another; having liberty; independent 2: having civil and political liberty

Q: Would you rather that I revert to a bound dictionary, or is our usual word bag okay?

A: Side 1: and water by the action of light on the chlorophyll in green plant cells


Side 2: phosphorescence 1: the property of giving off light without noticeable heat

Q: I interpret that as a poetic 'yes,' so we will continue as we are. What would you like to discuss?

A: Side 1: scrabble [Du. schrabben, to scrape] 1: to scratch, scrape, etc.

Side 2: schoolroom where pupils are taught, as in a school.

schoolteacher one who teaches in a school.

{End of Interview Five}

Insert Two

San Francisco

{This continues the conversational thread of the previous interview.}

Q: Shady, you said you would like to discuss "schoolroom" and "schoolteacher." May we pick up from where we left off?

A: Side 1: sure, surer, surest 1: that will not fail [a sure method]

Side 2: 3: to advocate, maintain (a person, institution, etc.) with money or subsistence 5: to help prove, vindicate. etc. 6: to bear; endure 7: to keep up; maintain support

Q: It sounds like we have a good connection. What would you like to say about schools and teaching?

A: Slip 1 Side 1: stanzas and a refrain 3: a slow, sentimental popular song ballade

Side 2: baluster wild pomegranate

Slip 2 Side 1: tune] on a pipe 2: to utter in a shrill voice 3: to bring, call, etc. by piping 4: to convey (water, gas, etc.) by pipes

Side 2: in the pink healthy; fit

pink 1: to cut a saw-toothed edge on (cloth, etc.)

Q: You sound very much at your springtime best today. So what's on your mind?

A: Side 1: unfailing never ceasing, inexhaustible 3: always reliable

unfaithful 1: lacking or breaking faith or loyalty

Side 2: (under) write, wrote, writing, written 1: to agree to market (an issue of securities and to buy any part remaining

Q: I interpret your answer as "write unfailingly" -- I'll forget the "unfaithful," since I'm very faithful to you, Shady. I AM writing unfailingly everything you say. So then, what should we teach others? I've just begun five weeks as "Guest Sound Artist" for a class of Fine Arts students.

A: Side 1: of real or synthetic hair for the head wigged, wigging 1: to furnish with a wig 2: [Slang]

Side 2: sheets, towels, etc. 2: large household appliances

white heat 1: the degree of

Q: You want me to dress up in a sheet and a wig? Actually the kids are involved in theater and performance art also. But I feel our connection may be fading. Do you wish to continue, and if so, what about the general topic of 'education' and 'teaching?'

A: Slip 1 Side 1: 2: put to bed


Side 2: assonant

assort to separate into classes

Slip 2 Side 1: constituent necessary to the whole, component

Side 2: connote [L. com-, together + notare, to mark] to suggest

Q: I should astonish them by sorting similar sounding words -- or perhaps sounds -- into the part

necessary to suggest the whole? Let's see, a cello and a trombone sound the same unless one hears the 'attack,' the very beginning of the sound, at which point the drawing of the bow on the string sounds very different from blowing air through a mouthpiece. That's a very good idea!

Now, on a somewhat different subject -- educating myself. I have been researching the history of divination and oracles. Can you refer me to any key words, or perhaps comment yourself on the history of the method we are using to communicate?

A: Slip 1 Side 1: an appeal 2: to make an urgent request (for help, etc.) 3: to be attractive or interesting 1: a request for help

Side 2: appurtenance 1: something added to a more important thing


Slip 2 Side 1: larboard port

larceny the unlawful

Side 2: lamella a thin plate

Slip 3 Side 1: 1: of relatively great extent from side to side thick

Side 2: therewith 2: immediately thereafter

thermal having to do with heat

Q: Either you are requesting help on this question, or you are saying that an appeal (up through the dimensions) generates heat. I'll ignore Slip 2. Which interpretation is closest to your meaning?

A: Side 1: prehendere, take] or grasping, esp. by wrapping around something, as a monkey's tail

Side 2: occupy the thoughts of; engross 2: to take possession of before someone else or beforehand preoccupation

Q: You wrapping yourself around this, I gather. Okay, I'll postpone further questions until another time. Are we through for today?

A: Slip 1 Side 1: crossword puzzle of numbered squares to be filled in with words whose definitions are given


Side 2: to become or cause to become crystalline 2: to take on or cause to take on a definite form crystallize

Slip 2 Side 1: roadside the side of a road or at the side of a road

roadway 1: a road 2: the part of

Side 2: rockbound covered by rocks

rock candy large, hard, clear crystals of sugar

Q: Over and out

{End of Interview}





Interview Six

Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey



Q: I have purchased a Webster's New Collegiate dictionary in an attempt to duplicate the excellent connection we had in St. Paul. Shall we talk about "Celestial Cavaliers?"

A: Side 1: camera [LL, room -- more at CHAMBER] 1: the treasury department of the papal curia

Side 2: Canaanite


Q: {Repeating the question after some meditation}

A: Side 1: linebreed: to interbreed individuals within a particular line of descent usu. to perpetuate desirable characteristics

Side 2: lionlike


Q: So what should this linebred lion do to do Yahweh's will?

A: Side 1: CORNERSTONE 2: basis, groundwork


Side 2: perjury: marked by perjury


Q: Be a founder of what? I'll ignore the second comment, thanks. In fact, I'm going to stop doing the opposite side of the page -- it's too complicated. Front side only, please.

A: introspectionist

{Introspectionism is a doctrine that psychology must be based essentially on data derived from introspection (opposite of Behaviorism).}


Q: Should we incorporate the KIT Information Service non-profit?

{KIT is a project that grew out of my research on the Hutterian Brethren (Bruderhof / Society of Brothers) a totalistic Christian sect. KIT currently mails a monthly newsletter to approximately 250 ex-members, survivors, and interested parties as well as hosts an annual conference.}

A: Manual alphabet sign for "Z," {index finger raised, which I have used previously as a symbol for "testify, witness".}


Q: What should we call the non-profit corporation?

A: Manual alphabet sign for "K," a "V" sign with thumb in the middle {Somewhat obscene gesture in some countries!}


Q: Can I ask again?

A: {Drawing of a Peregrine falcon.}

peregrine [ML peregrinus, fr. L. foreign -- more at PILGRIM]: having a tendency to wander

{pilgrim: 1: one who journeys in foreign lands: WAYFARER 2: one who travels to a shrine or holy place as a devotee}


Q: Wonderful name! What should the Peregrine Foundation do?

A: eustele: a stele in which the vascular cylinder is broken at leaf emergences and by interfascicular areas

{a type of plant stem with 'broken' stele}


Q: May I ask again?

A: style: 1a: STYLUS b: the shadow-producing pin of the sundial. c: the filiform prolongation of a plant ovary bearing a stigma at its apex.

{"Point" the way?}


Q: Point the way to what?

A: an implement that often has a short handle and a broad flat blade and that is used for stirring, mixing, hitting: paddle:


Q: More?

A: 3: done by design or intention voluntary


Q: Either you're saying "The way is voluntary" or "voluntary" what?

A: (Border) of various light or dark bands produced by the interference of diffraction of light. FRINGE

{What I understand so far: The Peregrine Foundation will be dedicated to the reseach, nurturance and furtherance of "pilgrims" which could include the bruderhof exiles, my brothers and sisters from the 'sixties communes (who because of their attempt to live a lifestyle of voluntary primitivism lost their homes to the Sonoma County bulldozers), exiles of all sorts, the homeless.}


Q: Am I on the right track?

A: reline to put new line or lining in

Side 2: remora hindrance, drag (delay)

Q: Asking again, am I on the right track? Should I do this at once?

A: fauna


Q: I should add the nurturance of animals -- the PAL ratio?

{The People-Animals-Land ratio, an ecological measuring device I developed to make sure the correct balance of life forms live in a given area.}

A: die single of dice


Q: May I ask again?



Q: i.e., "do it!" But where do I get the money?

A: on the foremast and above foretopman


Q: Who's the "top man?"

A: at peace peace


Q: I assume that means "be at peace about the $." Shall I stop for now?

A: picture of a dolphin.


Q: I'll add dolphins to the Peregrine 'wanderers.' What else?

A: On a radio dial.

{Telemann is playing on the radio, and then two people saying "Bye-bye."}


Q: Okay. Bye-bye for now.


{End of Interview Six}







Oracles & Divination 3




            In the list of divinations, 'austromancy' caught my eye, divination by means of the air and winds. Without realizing the ancient tradition I was following, I once had practiced this technique in a dialogue with the wind. Some years earlier, while attempting to chat with a lizard ('reptilomancy?'), I had discovered the secret to holding a conversation with anyone, be they human, animal, vegetable or mineral: approach them as an equal. The equation 'equal equals equal' (= = =) overcame all interpersonal and intra-species obstacles. If I avoided a down-the-nose, more-evolved-than-thou attitude as well as its opposite, an awestruck fear of the Nameless, wouldn't everything from the deity on down to forget-me-nots talk to me?

            The wind seemed a good test subject on a particularly breezy spring day, so I walked out into the meadow behind my rural cabin, notebook in hand. The weather was March-perfect, with occasional clouds scudding overhead. Above the adjacent canyon of coastal redwoods, a local troupe of buzzards practiced an intricate aerial ballet As good a time as any for a little chat, I decided.

            "Hello, wind!" I shouted. "Hi wind! Hi!"

            "Swooosh!" the wind replied, using a convenient pine in lieu of vocal cords. For emphasis it bounced a bluejay off its perch.

            I laughed, always appreciative of a good joke. "How are you?" I yelled.

            "M-wahhh," the wind replied, noncommital, and waved the laundry on the line. "Howww ahhh youuu?"

            "Oh, you know me," I said. "I get -- well, it just happens. My ears plug up, I stop listening and stomp around like everyone else and then... suddenly the universe -- or Mother Nature or whoever -- sends me a wake-up message. Like today, for example. I can hear you, wind, and talk to you. I'm back in the planetary present, the magical dimension."

            "Hahhh yahna hahhh," the wind said, perhaps a chant in our local Miwok Indian tongue. Unless it was classical Sanskrit. I made a note to check it out. Meanwhile, a strong flurry rattled the page under my pencil.

            "Hi, wind! I love you!" I shouted. Doubtless the neighbors were watching through binoculars or dialing the local mental health hot line, but I couldn't care less. This was important research!

            "Eee-hoh," the wind said. Hijo -- that meant 'son' in Spanish, my native tongue.

            Now that really impressed me! How many languages did it know? A gust grabbed me in a breathy hug and tousled my hair like a favorite uncle.

            "Amigo," I replied.

            "Ah-mee-goh," it echoed, using a combination of a redwood and an oak to form the word.

            "Fraynnnnnnnd!" chittered the bounced bluejay from a fencepost, butting in with a translation.

            So passionate, this wind! It mentioned something and then insisted, yearning for my understanding. Woof! That puff blew everything -- page, shirt, collar. Anything flappable was flapped, a nudge from a friendly air serpent. And the clouds! They approached me in two rows, their veils churning slowly. Just the right amount of clouds today. Gobs of whipped cream, spun-sugar tips of a swirl on an eddy of a current from the north, tag ends of a rainstorm.

            "All," the wind sang.

            It had been singing all along, but I had concentrated on the words rather than the melody. The tune? Perhaps the middle of the first movement of a Tchaikowky symphony -- filched by the composer, no doubt. Can't trust those Russians.

            Off it went to rummage in the bottom of the canyon. Whoosh! Back again, roaring from the treetops, building in a crescendo before laughing away to nothing.

            "Haw haw," a raven interpolated. Again - "haaw haw," the inflection on the first syllable this time. Was he being sarcastic?

            A vulture scooted over me waggling his red head back and forth, slaloming through the redwood grove. Meanwhile a duet for robin and wind began on the other side of the garden.

            "Hayyy, hehhh, hahhh, ow aw - dit-dit - ahhh, cheep! Ahhh, cheep! Hahhh - cheep! --- hahhh!"

            I applauded with 'bravos' when they finished, and the wind fished for an encore with a tug at my pants leg.

            "Shh aw wahhh!"

            My mind wandered to how a college freshman English professor once had drilled into my head an inordinate fear of falling into the heresy of Pathetic Fallacy, the imparting of human characteristics to 'lower' species or inanimate objects. Only dancehall poets and future opium addicts indulged in such cheap thrills, he explained. It took me years to overcome his indoctrination, but the ancient teaching, 'as above, so below,' helped me along If each of us contains a mini-model of the universe and we talk, so then does everything else. As children, most of us took this fact for granted. After all, our story books were full of talking animals and birds, trees and teapots.

            Busy writing down these ruminations, I missed the wind's next word. But I waited patiently while it squawked the chickens in the neighbors' back yard.

            Suddenly it said 'we're' very distinctly before whipping down the hillside. Or was it 'weird?' More than likely. Annoyed at my woefully short attention span, no doubt. A breath of a breeze began, the beginning of an inhale three times as long as my own, another big build-up - but not over the top.

            Gone again!

            "Hey, wind-wind!" I called. "Come back! I'll pay attention!"

            Could it have become that peeved over one missed word? It must have been important. Distant branches stirred in a sudden overflight, but it was interested in something else, leapfrogging Douglas firs on the next ridge. Fickle creature, I thought. Independent. Friendly though, passionate and soothing in turn. Understanding too. A perfect companion for a springtime afternoon.

            "Awww," it said in the canyon. Could it read my thoughts too? Amazing!

            All at once it came booming back, pulling at everything. I listened carefully, holding down the paper with one hand, pencil at the ready.

            "Sure...." it said from its favorite redwood.

            "Wishhh..." from the wild lilac bush.

            "Youuu..." it hooted through the chicken wire of the garden fence.

            "Were..." whirred a hummingbird, balancing on a sunbeam.


            "Heyyy hehhh hahhh..."








Interview Seven

San Francisco



Q: How about today for a conversation?

A: Side 1: close-fitting knitted band attached to the top of a glove or the end of a sleeve wristlet

Side 2: wot pres 1st and 3rd sing of WIT - archaic "know"


Q: Okay, I'll assume that's a "yes." I'd like to pick up a few earlier threads from our conversations. Going back to our first one, what about tridimensionality?

A: Side 1: grade point quality point (one of the points assigned to each course credit in accordance with the letter grade earned in the course.)

Side 2: governess a woman who governs 2: a woman entrusted with the care and supervision of a child.


Q: Tridimensionality is like a teacher-nursemaid to us beings? And what are we here to learn?

A: Side 1: time [more at TIDE] 1a: the measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues.

Side 2: tiller {ME tiler stock of a crossbow, fr MF telier, lit. beam of a loom, fr. L. tela web -- more at TOIL]: a lever used to turn the rudder of a boat from side to side; broadly: a device or system that plays a part in steering something.


Q: We are here to learn how to steer through time. Where are we going? What's our destination?

A: Side 1: parallelism 1: the quality or state of being parallel. 2: RESEMBLANCE, CORRESPONDENCE

Side 2: rope) with strips of canvas parcel

parcel adj: PART-TIME, PARTIAL


Q: Becoming parallel to what? Resembling who?

A: Side 1: embarkment embarkation

Side 2: Elias ELIJAH a Hebrew prophet of the 9th Century B.C. who according to the account in I Kings championed the worship of Jehovah as against Baal.


Q: Do you wish us, or perhaps me, to champion the worship of Jehovah?

A: Side 1: Kirjatharba see HEBRON (from Geographical Names list)

Hebron or anc Kirjatharba city cen Palestine SSW of Jerusalem in

modern Jordan.

{From the Encylopedia Brittanica: Hebron (Al Khalil) a city of Jordan, in Arabic Khalil Ar-Rahman ("friend of God"), a designation for Abraham, lies in the Judean hills in a valley (identified with the biblical Eshcol) 18 mi. SSW of Jerusalem... It is said to be the burial place of Abraham and Sarah.}


Q: I'm intrigued, although I can't find any connection between Elijah and Hebron in the encylopedia. Perhaps you're just saying you want me to be a friend of Yahweh (Jehovah). I hope I am, and have always been! Let's sum up and then continue.

We are here in this tridimensionality to learn how to steer through time, our goal being to become parallel -- or similar to -- Elijah who championed Yahweh as the invisible God above the ecstatic nature gods, knowable only in the "still small voice." I can go along with that, although it's kind of theoretical/ theological. But let's continue with a topic that came up in our second interview. I interpreted your description of yourself(ves) to imply that you are a spiritual community of entities resting or residing within the sunspot areas of the sun. Is this correct, and if so, could you elaborate further?

A: Side 1: se arcebiscop 'the archbishop' masculine singular nominative

{from the introductory article on the English language}

Side 2: ruling class by French speakers language. English 'submerged'.

Further differentiation of dialects.

{from Tabular History of the English Language}


Q: May I repeat the question, Shady?

A: Side 1: in the winning run) 2: successful in a crucial situation (a 'clutch pitcher) clutch

Side 2: cobalt [G kobalt, alter. of kobold, lit. goblin, fr. goblins]: a tough lustrous silver-white magnetic metallic element that is related to and occurs within iron and nickel.


Q: "Clutch cobalt?" I don't get it. One more time into the lurch.

A: Side 1: drawing of a 'cat's-paw' knot.

Side 2: klepht often cap [NGk klephtes, lit., robber, fr. Gk kleptes, fr kleptein to steal]


Q: I'm beginning to conclude that my best connection with you occurs on sunny days. Is this correct?

A: Side 1: evulsion [L evulsion to pluck out, fr. e- + vellere to pluck -- more at VULNERABLE]: EXTRACTION

Side 2: the collection and management of the royal revenue and judicial


Q: It's raining right now, so over and out.


{End of Interview 7}





Interview Eight

San Francisco



Q: So here's a sunnier morning. Could you elaborate further on my interpretation of you as a spiritual community of entities resting or residing within the sunspot areas of the sun?

A: Side 1: middling 1: of middle, medium, or moderate size, quality of position

Side 2: microminiaturized things


Q: Just how 'middling microminiature' are you?

A: Side 1: lumpy 1a: filled or covered with lumps

Side 2: LR abbrv 1: left side 2: letter signed 3: library science 4: [L locus sigilli] place of the seal 5: long shot


Q: I like 'place of the seal.' And 'lumpy' too! Tell me more about yourselves, please.

A: Side 1: 16: the basic formation in a country-dance or square dance set

Side 2: sex 1: to indentify the sex of ( sex chicks) 2: to increase the sexual appeal of


Q: You want me to 'set sex?' I assume you mean to ask what sex you are. So what sex are you?

A: Side 1: A POSTERIORI c: presupposed by experience a priori

Side 2: Roman statesman]: an ancient paved highway extening from Rome to Brundisium Appian Way


Q: So your sex is 'related to or derived by reasoning from observed facts.' Hm, I guess the same could be said of everyone. Either it's an 'innie' or an 'outie,' right?

A: Side 1: & standing for the word and ampersand

Side 2: anecdotal or bibliographical concerning (Americana) (Johnsoniana)


Q: 'Innie,' 'outie,' and 'Shadyana.' So let's have some more anecdotes.

A: Side 1: loricate 1: having a lorica 2: a hard protective case or shell (as of a rotifer)

{rotifer: any of a class of minute, usu. microscopic but many-celled aquatic inverterbrate animals having the anterior end modified into a retractile disk bearing circle of stong cilia that often give the appearance of rapidly revolving wheels}

Side 2: long-windedness


Q: So you are a bunch of 'long-winded' rotifer-like miniature entities with protective shells made of cobalt resting on the surface of the sun?

A: Side 1: 2. a source from which valuable matter is extracted ore

Side 2: orangish somewhat orange


Q: Sort of an iron-based, obvious very hot, life form? Please continue.

A: Side 1: (drawing of a type of plant grafting called a 'splice.')

Side 2: granitic granitoid granite-like


Q: "spliced with granite?" I didn't know granite could exist on the solar surface.

A: Side 1: onside kick a kickoff in football in which the ball travels just far enough to be legally recoverable by the kicking team.

Side 2: 3: obs ARRANT omnipotently


Q: Try again, Shady. That's very obscure.

A: Side 1: 3a: tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions. conservative

Side 2: consignment of, relating to, or received as goods on consignment (a consignment sale)


Q: It's clouded over, and I feel our connection's fading. Shall I continue or quit?

A: Side 1: public house 1: INN, HOSTELRY 2. chiefly Brit: a licensed saloon or bar

Side 2: logical thought psychologism


Q: Over and out.

      {End of Interview 8}







Interview Nine

San Francisco



Q: So, you are an affectionate iron-based, orange-hot, miniature life form. What new Shadyana shall we discuss? Am I on the right track with this description?

A: Side 1: songful given to or suggestive of singing: MELODIOUS

Side 2: solsticial 1: of, relating to, or characteristic of a solstice, and esp. the summer solstice


Q: Well, hm, the summer solstice this year we'll still be in San Francisco. We'll probably go up to a Sonoma County musical gathering. Okay?

A: Side 1: canal to construct a canal through or across

Side 2: cambric 1: a fine thin white linen fabric


Q: Or perhaps you want me to sing my questions to you? (singing) Oh Shady, dear Shady, how can I improve our connection today?

A: Side 1: litterbug one who litters in a public area

Side 2: agreement or by litigation the precise amount of indebtedness liquidate


Q: Frankly, the connection's lousy, old Shade. Unless I get some sort of decent response, I'm going to sign off. What sayest thou?

A: Side 1: phrases) maker suggests the use of appropriate material as an instrument through which one gives form to one's own ideas. maker

Side 2: mainmast a sailing ship's principle mast usu. second from the bow


Q: Good! You want me to proceed with the "making of the vessel" discussed earlier (the Peregrine Foundation) which will be funded by the "foretopman?"

A: Side 1: Concord in 1775

Side 2: pat 1a: exactly suited to the purpose of the occasion. APT


Q: Ah! Agreement! Good. I promise to get the letter off today. Anything else?

A: Side 1: postnuptial adults of insects (as ants) that drop their wings after a nuptial flight dealated

Side 2: to cut off the head: BEHEAD decapitation


Q: "Drop head and wings?" That mean you're signing off?

A: Side 1: price tag

Side 2: primo: the first or leading part


Q: It won't be expensive at this point yet. Later, perhaps. I COULD use some suggestions regarding fundraising, by the way. You mentioned the 'foretopman' earlier. Any more leads?

A: Side 1: Hosea: 1: a Hebrew prophet of the 8th century B.C. 2. a prophetic book of canonical Jewish and Christian Scripture. See BIBLE table

Side 2: a: to teach acceptable manners b: TAME, SUBDUE housebreak:


Q: {Scanning "Hosea" in the New Testament, I catch a reference to the "ephod" as an article of divination used by the High Priest.} The Encyclopedia Brittanica states that the ephod is an alternate name for the 'Urim and Thummin,' divination devices never really described in the OT but assumed to be dice-like objects used to discover the will of Yahweh. Interesting stuff, Shady. Could I actually be in communication with Yahweh himself through you? What is your relationship to Yahweh?

A: Side 1: repro: a clear sharp proof made esp. from a letterpress printing surface to serve as a photographic copy for a printing place

Side 2: reporter: one that reports: as a: one who makes authorized statements of law decisions or legislative proceedings.


Q: You're sort of a "chip off the divine block," so to speak, and an authorized speaker? Anything more?

A: Side 1: practices and interests of a particular church churchianity

Side 2: chromatographically: separating a solution by allowing it to seep though an adsorbent so that each compound becomes adsorbed in a separate often colored layer.


Q: So, what particular "church" practices and interests do you represent?

A: Side 1: sugared cookie or cake jumble

Side 2: just: [fr. jus right, law, akin to Skt yos, welfare] 1a: having a basis in or conforming sometimes rigidly to fact or reason REASONABLE


Q: So what are the rights, laws or welfare of your churchianity?

A: Side 1: truss (as of a roof) with the base king post

Side 2: kinetic energy: energy associated with motion


Q: So the 'main law' is that of kinetic energy? How does that apply to us planetary folks?

A: Side 1: dative: L dativus lit. relating to giving, fr. datus] of, relating to, or being the grammatical case that marks typically the indirect object of a verb

Side 2: dead heat: a tie with no single winner of a race


Q: The law of kinetic energy relates to there being no winners, no losers? All then are equal, right? So then you are saying that the main law of your belief system, as it applies to us planetary creatures, is equality?

A: Side 1: physis nature, physique, appearance + gnomon interpreter 1: the art of discovering temperament and character from outward appearance.

Side 2: photostat to copy by a Photostat device


Q: We are, by nature, equal copies, right? Is that 'equal copies' of Yahweh?

A: Side 1: empery [fr. emperer to command, fr. L imperatus]: wide dominion: EMPIRE

Side 2: encapsule: ENCAPSULATE


Q: I guess "empowerment encapsulated" sums it up. Do you have anything else to add?

A: Side 1: inanition: the quality or state of being empty

Side 2: ANGLE OF INCIDENCE incidence


Q: I guess not. So let's go back a bit and pick up some loose threads. Just what did your reference to Hosea mean earlier? Is that a name of someone to contact or what? Try to be more specific.

A: Side 1: old country: an emigrant's country of origin; esp: EUROPE

Side 2: Olympic Games: an ancient Panhellenic festival held every 4th year


Q: "Old country' for me would be Spain, and the summer Olympics are in Barcelona in '92. You want me to attend these?

A: Side 1: extrajudicial: 1a: not forming a valid part of regular legal proceedings. (an extrajudicial investigation)

Side 2: eyebrow pencil


Q: Shady, you're a riot! I think our connection is fading. Over and out?

A: Side 1: state of being an animal b: animal nature 3: the animal world animality

Side 2: mineralogist]: a dolomitic iron-containing mineral ankerite


Q: Okay, so what? You want to keep chatting?

A: Side 1: by trolling a hook 3. to sing or play in a jovial manner 4: to speak rapidly troller

Side 2: triplicate 1:to make triple or threefold 2: to prepare in triplicate


Q: You want me to say it quickly three times? Okay? What's-going-on-what's-going-on-what's-going-on?

A: Side 1: situations (remonstrated with her son over his untruthfulness) object

Side 2: obligate 1: restricted to one particularly characteristic mode of life ESSENTIAL


Q: The 'essential object' is what's going on? I guess so. Now I'd like to try an experiment in which I only count the single word which the pin pierces, an admittedly slower but perhaps more accurate approach. You want to try this?

A: Side 1: c (1) INCONTESTABLE ( positive proof) (2) UNQUALIFIED positive

Side 2: possibility 1: the condition or fact of being possible


Q: Neat! We'll continue with both sides of the page also. So now, returning to our mutually favorite subject, is the sun the actual geographical whereabouts of what is referred to in earthly religions as 'heaven?' (repeated 3 times)

A: held TERTATOHEDRAL (having one fourth the number of planes required for complete symmetry)


Q: Please continue, but let's just do one side of the page from now on. And the pin has to be on the word itself, not on blank space, or else it's a 'non-hit."

A: of spontaneous polarized permanent MEAL


Q: So, the sun is a movable, ongoing, permanent feast for all souls? That's the meaning I'm getting.

A: one flower FACSIMILE being of contain protein annulated (ringed)


Q: I read your answer as 'The sun is but one flowery facsimile of many "light blossoms" which contain rings of protein.' Okay, but what about the Great Forgetfulness? How come we forget where we came from when we are born planetside? What's the reason for this?

A: relation indicating actual peripety (a sudden or unexpected reversal in circumstances) mosaically


Q: Let me get this: because planetary birth is a sudden reversal in the soul's circumstances, the 'mosaic' of stimuli wash out our memory?

A: game merganzer ('water goose')


Q: I think this is working, Shady. Over and out, for now.

A: rowan (red) the juxtaposition


{End of Interview Nine}





Interview Ten

San Francisco: One side of page, pinned word only



Q: Hi Shady. Do you wish to continue our conversation?

A: river and OL (Old Latin) photophosphorylation {the conversion of ADP to ATP in photosynthesis using radiant energy}


Q: It sounds like the phrase "river of light" or "river of delight" from a song I once wrote.

A: airplane granny


Q: You know, the pin is not landing on words very frequently. Could we change to "the closest word" and try that? I'm sorry to keep changing communication styles, but I'm trying to hone our connection.

A: with 100 centimes found horse's pugmark (print of a wild mammal)


Q: Please continue

A: digestivus Sylvii (a natural potassium chloride mineral)


Q: More

A: belief CONFUSE master discharge saturated frequenting


Q: You believe we are confusing the saturated master discharge?

A: tentacles forming conforming range forward tendon


Q: I don't think this is working. Would you like to return to our original way -- that is, the pin points to a general area like a line and a defined word?

A: pro [Gk, before, forward, forth, for]


Q: I'll take that to mean "yes, as before." Anyway, that was an interesting excursion. My left hand is getting tired holding the dictionary, so I'm going to shift to our cut-up slips in the bag. Okay?

A: a fruit product made by boiling sugar jelly


Q: I'm not sure what that means, but I'm switching over. Would you comment on how clear our contact is?

A: Slip 1 Side 1: box office a place where admission tickets are sold as in a theater

Side 2: brazier a metal container to hold burning coals

Slip 2 Side 1: posted notices 4. to put (a name) on a posted or published list

      Side 2: the monetary unit of the United Kingdom pound

      Slip 3 Side 1: His (or Her) Majesty's Service 2. His (or Her) Majesty's Ship

      hoard a supply or store

      Side 2: historian write of or authority on history


Q: I gather pretty good. So now, let's try again. It seems you enjoy chatting about the universe and religion. How exactly is the universe structured?

A: Side 1: alone [ME , fr. al all + one one] apart from anything or anyone else

      Side 2: ambiguity 1. a being ambiguous 2. an ambiguous expression


Q: So the universe is all one ambiguous being. What name does this being preferred to be called?

A: exclusive of, not including exclusively

      Side 2: requiring special education because mentally handicapped exceptionally

      Slip 2 Side 1: center in, near or of the center 2. equally accessible from various points

      Side 2: cavil [L. cavillari to jest] to raise trivial and frivolous objection


Q: So the name the universe prefers to be exclusively called is "Exceptional Center?"

A: Slip 1 Side 1: betterment improvement

      Side 2: Bi bismuth


      Slip 2 Side 1: [ fair game] 1. Baseball that is not foul 1. in a fair manner fair

      Side 2: (blank)


Q: I love it, Shady! Our "Exceptional Center" universe stands for 'biannual betterment' and fairness. Can I communicate directly with Exceptional Center thru you?

A: Slip 1 Side 1: plentifully


      Side 2: plead pleaded

      Slip 2 Side 1: dependable, reliable responsibly

      responsive reacting readily to appeal

      Side 2: requite to repay someone for a benefit or service, etc.

      Slip 3 Side 1: allurement, alluring


      Side 2: to cause a transference of (affection) alienation


Q: I interpret your reply as "Plead plentifully. E.C. is responsibly responsive and repays in an alluring manner." Okay, so here's a direct message to Exceptional Center. Hi, Exceptional Center! Thank you so much for this wonderful existence!!! How can I harmonize the best with you?

A: (E.C. replying) Slip 1 Side 1: a) an act; deed: usually used in pl. {good works]

      Side 2: 1. a room or building where work is done 2. a seminar for specified intensive study, work, etc. workshop

      world earth

      Slip 2 Side 1: offside position for play

      Side 2: [Gr. okto, eight + pous foot] a mollusk with a soft body and


Q: Fantastic answer! What a great connection today! I can harmonize best with the universe through "good works in the workshop of the world." By the way, I will be giving a five-week workshop very soon, Shady, as guest sound artist at the California College of Arts and Crafts. What would Exceptional Center suggest as topics I should present to the students?

A: Slip 1 Side 1: electoral college an assembly elected by the voters to perform the formal duty of electing the president and vice-president of the United States.


      Side 2: [L. e-, out + labor, work] developed in great detail, complicated elaborated, elaborating to work out in great detail -- to add more details (usually with on or upon)

      Slip 2 Side 1: dredge an apparatus for scooping up mud, etc.

      Side 2: light sleep


      Slip 3 Side 1: flashbulb a bulb giving a brief, dazzling light for taking photographs

      Side 2: now humorous flamed, flaming 1. to burst into flame 2. to grow red or hot


Q: You suggest developing in detail "good works" and dredging up dozens of red-hot ideas (flashbulbs)? These students are visual artists, I am told. I'm supposed to be introducing them to a multimedia approach to art. Now that I think about it, Shady, you're sort of multimedia, aren't you? At least 'multidimensional.' Any more thoughts about topics for the workshop?

A: Slip 1 Side 1: soapsuds foam

      soar 1. to rise or fly high into the air

      Side 2: sol, sun] a glassed-in room, etc. for sunning

      solar plexus a network of

      Slip 2 Side 1: expressly 2. especially, particularly

      Side 2: 8. [often pl.] judgment, opinion [in the eyes of the law] eye

      Slip 3 Side 1: for later or special use

      for oneself 1. something kept back or stored up, as for later use reserve

      Side 2: device used in an electrical circuit to provide resistance

      resole -soled, -soling


Q: I'm beginning to get the idea, Shady, that you suggest I put on my clown suit and hat, enter blowing bubbles, and use my book "Being of the Sun" as a textbook. However I should keep some things in reserve, and expect some resistance. Sounds more like a workshop on what's called these days "Performance Art." But I guess that's okay too. A little springtime clowning around. Am I on the right track?

A: Vitamin B (complex)

      Side 2: vocabulary [L. vocare, to call] 1. a list of words, etc. as in a dictionary 2. all the words used in a

      Slip 2 Side 1: noncommissioned grades in the armed forces: in the U. S. Army, from corporal to sergeant inclusive.

      Side 2: without a stop

      nonsupport failure to provide for a legal dependent


      Slip 3 Side 1: lagoon 1. a shallow lake

      one connected with a larger

      Side 2: labial 1. of the lips


Q: Okay, I'm off to take my B complex. Or are you saying my vocabulary is getting complex? Or perhaps you're making sure I'm "using all the words without a stop, connecting to the 'larger entity' labially. Am I not responding aloud? I usually say my side of the conversation rather than just think it.

A: Slip 1 Side 1: hi-fi a phonograph, etc. having high fidelity

      Side 2: hey an exclamation used to attract attention, etc.

      heyday the time of greatest vision, prosperity, etc.

      Slip 2 Side 1: group of slender, scaly reptiles with four legs and a tail

      LL. Late Latin


      Side 2: local [L. locus, a place] LOBSTER (graphic)

      1. of, characteristic of, or confined to a particular place


Q: Hey back, Shady! You're right! We've got a fantastically hi-fi connection today. Now what's this about a local lama? You mean a Tibetan teacher of some sort? I think the Dali Lama is supposed to make an important radio speech at some point. I can check.

A: producing benefits; advantageous; favorable beneficially


      Side 2: belt 1. a band of leather, etc. worn around the waist 2. any encircling thing like this

      Slip 2 Side 1: ordeal difficult or painful experience


      Side 2: oscillation, oscillator

      Slip 3 Side 1: perspicacious having keen judgment, discerning

      Side 2: to whistle, frivolous talk or writing; banter


Q: You're saying it would be beneficial for me to contact this "discerning lama," because it would help bring order to the oscillations? Does this individual have a name?

A: Slip 1 Side 1: day-to-day



      Side 2: decant [L. de-, from + canthus, tire of a wheel] to pour off (a liquid) gently without stirring up the sediment.

      Slip 2 Side 1: form meaning: 1. first in time, original 2. first in importance, chief


      Side 2: [L. pro-, forward + peller, drive} to drive onward or forward

      propellant, propellent


Q: Mr. Day is my contact for the workshop. So perhaps he can point me to the lama in question?

A: Side 1: Daguerreotype an early kind of photograph made on a chemically treated plate

      Side 2: 1. a small, pointed missile for throwing or shooting. 2. a sudden movement 3. a short, tapered seam dart


Q: Okay, we're on target. I'm seeing Mr. Day later this afternoon and will ask him about his Tibetan connection. Two bits the lama's name begins with a "Dag." This has been a most fruitful conversation, Shady! One of the best so far. Should we continue or sign off? I don't want to wear you out!

A: Slip 1 Side 1: diplomat 1. of diplomacy 2. tactful diplomatically

      dipole (antenna) a straight, level antenna separated at its center by a line

      Side 2: archaeological excavation digger

      digest [L. di-, apart + gerere, to bear} a collection of condensed, systematic

      to summarize

      Slip 2 Side 1: the small part [the small of the back] feel small to feel shame

      Side 2: lazy; 2. slow or slow-moving 3. not functioning with normal vigor sluggish

      Slip 3 Side 1: contemn to treat with contempt

      Side 2: 2. near; next contiguity

      Slip 3 Side 1: music for performance by a small group, as a string quartet

      Side 2: (pronunciation guide from the bottom of the page, a frequent sign-off during previous sessions)


Q: Thanks so much, Shady! You're suggesting I proceed diplomatically instead of my usual letting it all hang out. I'll keep my antenna tuned, and give everyone time to digest this type of communication. Also, thanks for the suggestion about the string quartet. I could bring the score and share it with the students, and also some other unusual pieces from the past. Perhaps we'll even perform some of the easier ones!


      {End of Interview Ten}