updated 2/16/12
I'm gradually learning how to upload music samples. Here is the first one, a 'loop decay' based on the
first phrase of Richard Wagner's "Siegfried's Idyll" created at the San Francisco Tape Music Center
in 1964.

Music of the Moment instructions 7/30/04

Only Thou Chant score 7/16/03

Selected List of Musical Works and Dates (I'll try to attach audio samples soon!):

"100 Favorite Classical Masterpieces" - a three-minute sample or a ten-minute mix. 2/16/12

"Donkey Gruntler Serenade," audience participation on Donkey Gruntlers with pre-recorded tape - 2003

"Aidan's Gamelan" (in memory of Lou Harrison), audience participation on tuned water drums with pre-recorded tape - 2003

"Seashore Snake Sizzle," audience participation on rattles with pre-recorded tape - 2003
click here for a listen (approx 10 minutes)"Rattles pre-recorded tape," 2008

"Audition" for two open-tuned autoharps and dalruba - 1982 (Mills College Composers Collection)

"Great-Grandpa Lemuel's Death-Rattle What-In-Tarnation Reincarnation Blues," Dixieland band, accordion, tape, 1981
"A Tewa Prayer," mixed chorus, 1978
"I Have a Dream," mixed chorus, 1978

"Outdoor Music" for autoharp, dal ruba, tablas - 1976
Loopy Gamelan "Oh 'C' Can You Say", for Oakland Children's Chorus, 1976
Loopy Gamelans on 'A' and 'B' for four performers, 1976

64 I Ching Chants (instructions) - 1976

"Outdoor Music" for Four Open-tuned Autoharps - 1970
"Enoughing," tape, 1968; "

"Ushas/Xmas Me," tape, 1968, with synth'd breath and heartbeat
"Xmas Me" - Xmas Day session in Don Buchla's studio Dec 1967)

Septet, mixed instrs, film, 1965 (M.A. thesis)

World Food Series I-XII tape drones(1962-65)
A sample of Worldfood XII
"In the Garden," cl, va, projections and tape, 1965
"Desert Ambulance," amp accordion, voice, 3-track tape, projections, 1964
"Balances," amplified str qt(with db), 1964
"Tropical Fish Opera, 4 inst, 1962
"Time Fields for sextet, 1962 (Pacifica Directors Award, 1963)
"Traversals," tape, 1961;

"Kronos," tape composition (approx 15 minutes), 1962
click here for a listen (approx 15 minutes)"KRONOS" (1962)

"Kore," tape,(10 minutes) 1961
"Four Sanskrit Hymns,"4 S, 4 vc, db, harp, pf, cel, 3 perc, tape, 1961;