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July 25, 2005

Death Rattles and Advanced Yoga Practices

"The task of the seeker of eternity is to die while living."
This phrase was written by Richard Rose, an enlightened
teacher based in W. Va. who recently ascended off-planet.
(I would add "and practice the death rattle daily in order to
understand its true meaning - an outward indication of
intense bliss, just like snoring in deep sleep.")

For instructions, read the item here titled
"Snarling All the Way to Nirvana."

The theory: if I watch what how bodies behave at moments of
highest ecstasy (deep sleep, for example), and copy this
behavior while in my so-called my awake state of mind, this
copied behavior should re-evoke a similar state. For me, it

Every deeply spiritual experience includes some version of
the death experience. Even Christian baptism, in its origins,
was basically holding a person under water until they 'saw
the light'. The trick for the baptizer was to know when to
let them back up again. Actually the water I think was there
as an add-on. The baptizer clapped his hand over the
person's nostrils and mouth to keep them from inhaling H2O.

Holding your breath also is a yoga technique - pausing
at the top of the inhale for a moment - that can help purify the
nervous system, but it has to be approached carefully.

Check out the Advanced Yoga Practices website for a good look
at expert advice on the techniques of spinal breathing, etc.
The teacher, Yogani, has discovered a way to remain anonymous,
which is a great discovery because it keeps the guru-worship
thing from starting up. I highly recommend Yogani's new novel
"The Secrets of Wilder" as a way to experience his approach to yoga 'in
action' so to speak, plus a great love story. Here's my review on

This book should not be missed by anyone who is interested in their own spiritual evolution - or, for that matter, in the spiritual evolution of our planet. Framed within a cosmic love story that begins with the protagonists in high school, it encompasses a wide panorama of meditative teachings that can be applied easily both by young adults and by oldsters already set in their ways - such as me. Beautifully and sensitively written, I cannot imagine anyone coming away from its pages without having learned something profoundly new about themselves. When I finished reading the last page of the story, tears came to my eyes and a strong yearning overcame me. "So may it be," I said aloud. "So may it come to pass for all of us."

How often does a book appear without anyone knowing who the author is? We have no photo, no list of achievements on the back cover, and I don't think we are going to see Yogani on the morning talk shows. Despite the amazing success of the Advanced Yoga Practices online list that drew more than seven thousand subscribers and now has its own website and forums (and also now as the book "Advanced Yoga Practices"), Yogani protects his anonymity. We are told nothing about the originator of this extraordinary novel other than in the brief biographical note at the end: `Yogani is an American spiritual scientist who, for more than thirty years, has been integrating ancient spiritual techniques from around the world that cultivate human spiritual
transformation. The approach he has developed is non-sectarian and open to all."

Again I repeat, "Don't miss this book." I am buying extra copies for my three sons and close friends. And if they find the exercises launch them into deeper levels of spirit, they - and you - can move on to the "Advanced Yoga Practices" book itself. Yogani promises us that more is forthcoming. I, for one, can't wait!


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